Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recent creations.

This is our newest design "Hair-do keeper" do rag. This print is a wild Hawaiian style sure to keep your "do" in check under that helmet. And when you get off your bike, you will be stylish and unique as well. (working on a children’s size as well) Limited quantity... ( 5 4 available)


Our fun and whimiscal "Hair-do Keeper" this print is rare. 
Perfect for the cowboy/girl in your life.  Only 2 1 more available. 


Just a few extra things we have been working on for some of our friends.

Wine Jelly

Cranberry/lime infused vodka.  Really easy and simple to do and a great gift idea for that person that has everything.  We found our little bottle at World Market, but you can check any store which sells glass ware. 
Make sure it seals well (ours used a cork).

To Make: 
1) Buy fresh cranberries, 2 tlimes and a bottle of vodka.  2) Some time when you are just watching TV or waiting for dinner to cook peirce each cranberry with a knife, then wash well.  3) Peel the lime (save the lime for a Kuba Libra, pie or some other project, as you will only use the peel for this one).  4)  Put the cranberries and occasionally insert a lime peel into a fancy jar or bottle.  Pack well, but not too tightly, just a enough wiggle room.  5)  Get your sugar out and a table spoon after you have packed the berries and lime in the bottle and put one to two tablespoons of sugar on top of the fruit (this is for the tartness of the berries).  6)  Pour your vodka over the berries filling the bottle up and then cork or close it well.  7) put in a warmish (but not hot) sunny location for about 4 weeks and then "Kim's Cranberry/Lime infused Vodka will be ready to enjoy.  As you see here I made a label and decorated the bottle in a simple country fashion. 

Crantini for 1!

Add all the ingredients in a martini shaker with ice. Then shake, pour into martini glass and add a few cranberries to complete the drink.

The finished basket contained only locally crafted or made products.  Soap from University Place...  (Pip & Lola), Red Wine soaked cheese (Back Country Creamery) and wine jelly and infused vodka made by yours turly!  Wonderful to buy local and --hopefully-- introduce new people to some of the great products our community produces!
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