Tuesday, November 19, 2013



We have a new name. 

Sarah's Treasure Trunk. 

More on this developing news in the next two weeks.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Frog Kissing

Life is really kicking us here.  Good things afoot, but still it has dampened our ability to get our inventory to the place we would like to see it. 

I made a photo booth for a church function.

Just last week a friend came and helped me pack up all my fabric.....  But big hopes are afoot for a dedicated space Even if its a small closet. 

Hopefully soon we will be posting a good inventory of toys for your child in our Esty shop.  See the empty shelves here....

Hopefully by fall I will be able to get some pictures taken and post them here and there for you to see.  We are excited about this and what we have in store for the future.

Until then, happy happy day!  Enjoy your summer weather and remember o have some fun! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

March in review

March has seen our family making some steps to begin some changes.  We are considering a bigger home which will hopefully include dedicated studio and project space.  This will be a wonderful change for our family if we can find the perfect place for our budget. 

We have been discussing a few things I have wanted to start making for sometime and hopefully this holiday season will see them come to fruition.  For years I have wanted to make a handful of wooden toys for children.  This might be the year we are able to actually do this.  I am looking forward to exploring this idea and the natural paints or dyes that might be able to be used.  As always we at Sarah's Closet & More are concerned with the whole child and how they interact with and use toys to foster play and imagination. 

Rag dolls are proving to be a much loved item in Sarah's toy chest.  I think we have settled on a favorite size as well. 

Soon we will be posting new inventory for our friends to see and purchase.  I am looking forward to this!  Thank you all.  As loyal friends you can be sure of getting a good deal when the time comes.

Check out the new banner!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The "Runway"

These are a few of the things you can look forward to see later this year....  Pictures will be posted soon.
  • Hair Clippies
  • Do Rags/Bandannas for adults and kiddos
  • Grandma Nada's Teddy Bears
  • Rag Dolls
  • Purses/bags (purses for girls and ladies... Nature bags for nature lovers!)
  • Burp Cloths
  • Tabby Blanket
  • Doll clothes
  • Holly Hobby dress/pinafore/bonnet (Holiday Season 2013)
  • Kids aprons/Capes (dress up)
These are a few things to start. 
We believe that toys that encourage imaginative play impact and influence a child greatly.  We at Sarah's Closet & More understand the needs of the whole child.  Each toy and clothing item is lovingly crafted and designed with thought to little hands and washability!  Kids play and get dirty and we encourage that! 
"Play, incorporating animistic and magical thinking is important because it: 1)Fosters the healthy, creative and emotional growth of a child; 2) Forms the best foundation for later intellectual growth. 3) Provides a way in which children get to know the world and creates possibilities for different ways of responding to it. 4) Fosters empathy and wonder."~~~~Rachel Carson
While on the topic of play, here is an interesting article to ponder.....The value of old fashioned play.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things we are working on for 2013

It has been a little while since I updated this blog.

Here are a few things I have worked on for Sarah and plan to make for your wee one too!

This is a little sleeveless dress for an 18 inch doll and a pair of pants.  They are roomy enough for little hands to take them off an on, something that has been a problem with some clothes we have bought at many department stores.

Sarah has a "Holly Hobby" dress and so of course Felicity needed one as well.

A project we worked on together...  Next year look for them to be offered in Late October for you to enjoy.

This is a flannel tabby blanket.  I rather like the flannel.  I have made them in fleece before but this is soft and folds up so nicely for your purse or diaper bag.  I will offer them in both fabrics, but I see many pluses to flannel.

A very cute little top for an 18inch doll.

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