Monday, December 1, 2014

New items and Etsy shop set up!

Our first sale was in Port Townsend, WA, and we were well received.  It had been years since I had set up a craft sale so we will be making changes, but we had fun!  Sarah got to experience "retail" and feedback from customers!  

Blog only specials.  All prices include shipping!  Sales ends Dec 31, 2014

This is a classic set of Raggedy Ann and Andy is sure to capture your child's imagination and love.
$30 (Shipping included)--Contact me

Crayon roll ups, perfect for the purse, nature bag, school pack, camping, and more!  Sure to strike up a creative spark! Print varies. Team it with a great doddle, coloring, or drawing pad and your child is sure to have hours of imaginative fun, even on the go. We use ours in our nature bag, and it keeps those pesky crayons where we can always find them!

$8 and includes shipping Fabric varies. Please ask for "colors available

For a limited time the Nature/Flower Press will include a Wildflower Coloring book as well as a crayon roll up.  Contains removeable small parts.
Wooden press for all your nature treasures that you want to keep and later create with. 

 The Kindness Elf
The story of how the
kindness elf came to be.

One day, two years ago, Sarah thought about how it would be nice if there was a visiting elf that encouraged children to be kind to each other and do kind things for others. Thus Sarah’s Kindness Elf was born. Sarah’s elf has encouraged her to bake cookies for neighbors, make cards for shut ins, pickup litter, and so much more. Sarah’s Kindness Elf, the first Kindness Elf, was named Joy, but each elf has their own name. Maybe it’s a name that the Christmas Spirit gives to him or her, or perhaps it’s a name that Sarah has chosen. Each elf is lovingly created for its new child/family.

Each elf is created by hand so size varies a bit, between 13-15 inches tall. Cloth body and limbs, cloth or felt clothing. Fiber Fill stuffing, and bottom eyes.

Please specify the name (or names) of your child or children for the Welcome letter.

In December all elves are mailed priority mail through the USPS. 

$25 includes shipping

 Me-Me Holders. When Sarah was young she used a pacifier. One day when she was about 9 months old she was crying and pointing to her "binky" sobbing, "me-me" thus, since that day onward, we have called a binky a me-me. Even her baby cousin took to calling it that.

It was sometime before Kim figured out the best way to attach a "me-me" to Sarah's jacket so that it wouldn't' get lost but Sarah and Mom finally settled on this. Fabric varies. 

Pocket dolls are sure to please the parent as well as the child. These are wonderful hand washable pocket toys that are sure to entertain a child's imagination giving mom and dad a few minutes, or more, of time to order their dinner, listen to the sermon in church, or make that phone call. When finished with them, fold them up and put them away, so the babies can take a nap.

$10 including shipping (will combine shipping, just ask!) Many of these are indeed crafted by Sarah!

Cute Pony Jump Rope will have you little one galloping across the sidewalk on wild adventures as their imagination takes hold! Sarah has recently become enchanted by ponies. Has your little one? These are the PERFECT stocking stuffer. Because of being hand made, each set may be a bit different than the one pictured. The rope is sturdy parachute rope, sure to out last your little jumper, and a brisk wipe with a damp cloth or a gentle hand wash will keep them clean even with the wildest of rides!
$11 including shipping (we will combine shipping, just ask!)


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