Monday, December 19, 2011

Head coverings galore and purses and capes too!

A few things we have been working on. 

Bandanna's:  A variety of colors these bandannas are versatile, stylish and can keep your hair tidy and out of the way while you garden, cook, craft or even shop or work on your favorite project of choice.  A very unique and thoughtful gift for the lady (or little) girl in your life.  

These adorable fleece capes can capture the attention of your littlest girl with the whimsy and comfort they provide.  Perfect for fall and perfect to  wear inside to accompany that special skirt like shown here with Sarah (coming soon).  Colors vary, please email with an indication of your ideas for colors.   
Children Sizes: 4-8

(Some prints or seasonal speciality
fabric might be etxra)


These roomy purses have soft handles and pockets both on the inside and a stylish outside pocket to stash that cell phone and bluetooth where you can always find it. Color and fabric differs.  Please contact me for what is already handcrafted and ready to go to the unique lady in your life.

Reversible Purse:   $
Non-Reversible Purse: $

Non-Reversible Purse

(All price do not include shipping and handling)

 And we have been making a few gifts as well.

Round multi-colored crayons.  Made for Sarah's 1 1/2 yr old cousin.  They fit into a handy flat bottom bag with a drawstring.  A great item for stuffing in the purse.  The round crayons are large and easy for big and small fingers like. 

Long soft and easily foldable crayon pouches for boys and girls.  These were crafted for Sarah's girl cousins Hannah and Asia.  Each pouch was also labeled with their name so no mistakes could be made when little fingers might decide that they want to "borrow" the other sisters crayons.  Again, great for stuffing in the purse, all that mom needs to add is a pad of paper and you have a great restaurant activity. 

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